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FreePhotoGallery is a web directory of Internet resources. FreePhotoGallery accepts professional photography related sites only! Your site needs to have "Photo" content and could represent business, organisation or an individual. We check all sites before listing them in our Photography Directory.

  • Please choose from our listing options before submission:

    Option 1: Free Listing

    Be listed in the appropriate category with a free listing.

    Option 2: Free Bold Listing

    Be listed in up to two appropriate categories with a bold listing. Simply put a link on your site back to FreePhotoGallery web site to be eligible! Click here to check our requirements and get our linking codes.. Reciprocal links will be reviewed and you will be informed in up to five days. If accepted (no guarantee), all sites with reciprocal links are listed in bold for FREE. Your bold listing may be automatically deleted from FreePhotoGallery if our spider will not find reciprocal listing on your page which you indicate during submission. Please notify us before changing addresses of such pages as our spider checks listing regularly.

  • Before using our Submitting Form be sure to check your URL page is already in the database of our Directory .

  • Submit only main page of your site (i.e. or http://www.myphotosite/index.html)

  • Submit your site only to an appropriate category in our Directory.

  • When you submit:

    The Title of the site should be either the name of the photographer (Surname, Name - ie Smith, John) or, where it seems more appropriate, the name of the site itself or the company's name-- and no more than this.

    In other words, phrases like "Photographer John Smith", "Welcome to photography website of John Smith!" and "New York photographer John Smith", etc. are superfluous and destined for deletion.

    The Description should be free of personal pronouns and worded the way an observer and/or reviewer of the site would describe it and its content. Your Description should be informative and simply let people know who's at the back of the site and what information it contains or conveys.

    In other words, descriptions like "Photographer John Smith. Photography, photographer. John Smith", "Welcome to photography website of John Smith! The best photographer in New York!!! :-)" and "Photographer. Landscape photography. Nature Photography.", etc. are superfluous and destined for deletion.

    Your site may be in any language, but please submit the Name and Description of the site in English only.

    Do not use ALLCAPS!

    Avoid Capitalizing Every Word In A Sentence!

    We reserve the right to reject any directory submission for any reason, and we reserve the right to remove entries or move them to other categories at any time, and we reserve the right to edit your submission's title and description and keywords, and we reserve the right to edit title, description and keyword of any site listed in our Directory.

  • Please, do not submit:

    The same URL more than once;
    Sites "under construction" and/or sites with minimal or no content;
    Online auctions pages (such as E-bay, etc.)
    Sites that contain only the same or similar content as other sites;
    Affiliate sites or sites with predominated affiliate links or banners;
    Title and/or Description in all capital letters or every word is capitalized;
    Title and/or Description with excessive amount of keywords and/or with minimal or no content;
    Sites with any illegal content or pornography.

  • Multiple submissions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion.

  • Submit only top-level domains (ie. Individual pages, folders, directories or sub-domains may be rejected.

  • Choosing a wrong or broad category may result in rejection of your submission.

  • We reserve the right not to accept your site and/or to remove your site from listing in FreephotoGallery or move your site to other categories at any time for any reason it seems fit. We reserve the right to edit your submission's title, description, keywords, etc.

  • We can't guaranty a time limit but will try to add your site within 10 - 15 weeks (5 working days for sites approved for our Free Bold Listing, as above).

  • Please, identify the single best category for your site in our . Once you've selected the best category for your site, go directly to that category on and then click "Add URL." Read our Term and Conditions and follow the instructions on the submission form.

    Our editors will review your submission to determine whether to include it in the directory. It may take several weeks before your submission is reviewed. We do not make any guarantees that your listing will be reviewed or accepted!
Thank you for contributing to FreePhotoGallery.

Please also check our FAQ section for more information.