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Balihar, David
Information about the simplest image-creating device, its history, sample photographs and the PinholeDesigner program to help you with the necessary calculations.
2675 04-Jan-06 21-Dec-05
Zelmer, Marco
Panoramic photos taken with a pinhole camera.
1138 04-Jan-06 21-Dec-05
Strecker, Henrieke I.
I want to give an account of these small movements, atmospheres, not an isolated moment, "painting a realistic picture", according to a report, but the experience of the situation, in which the taking was undergone...
966 04-Jan-06 21-Dec-05
Babcock, Jo
My work merges aspects of photography, sculpture and conceptual art...
2647 05-Jan-06 21-Dec-05
Stark, Andrew
The web site of Australian street photographer Andrew Stark. His candid work spans over 20 years showcasing Sydneysiders in gritty, grainy black and white.
1979 30-Dec-05 28-Dec-05
Wide collection of camera and photography tips and techniques.
1141 02-Jan-06
Irish Professional Photographers' Association
The official website of the Irish Professional Photographers' Association (IPPA). Includes a searchable database of all members, sample image and awards galleries as well as details of the latest IPPA news and events.
1310 05-Jan-06 22-Dec-05
Press Photographers Association of Ireland
Official website of the Press Photographers Association of Ireland (PPAI).
1135 22-Dec-05
Gallery of Photography
The Gallery of Photography is Ireland's premier venue for contemporary photography. It has staged exhibitions with many of the major names in photography, while nurturing Irish photographic practices. The Gallery, which is non-profit making, is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.
1129 22-Dec-05
British Press Photographers’ Association
The BPPA provides its members with a voice to raise awareness and appreciation of our industry. The membership is drawn from every part of the country, and represents the broadest selection of newspaper, magazine and agency photographers.
1217 24-Nov-06 22-Dec-05
Northern Ireland Press Photographers Association
Official website of the Northern Ireland Press Photographers Association.
1209 22-Dec-05
Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland
The Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland was formed on the 14th February 1966, for full time professional photographers who wished to keep in touch with each other's trade, trends, new methods and techniques...
970 22-Dec-05
Dublin Camera Club
The Dublin Camera Club was founded in 1945 with the aim of providing a forum for the promotion of photography in Dublin city.
897 22-Dec-05
Master Photographers' Association, The
The United Kingdom's premier fully qualified organisation for practising full time professional photographers.
1163 22-Dec-05
Royalty free stock photography community.
1023 02-Mar-06 11-Feb-06
Alexandrov, Dmitriy
Street fotography by Russian professional photograper Dmitriy Alexandrov.
1957 05-May-06 12-Jan-06
Sojka, Robert
Chicago wedding photographer and fine art landscape photography creating unique, artistic images.
728 17-Dec-07 15-Feb-06
Kopecny, Jaroslav
Jaroslav Kopecny - balck and white photographer from Check Republic.
1383 29-Jan-06 14-Jan-06
Zaugg, Marcel
Landscape photography by Marcel Zaugg.
1342 05-Oct-11 23-Dec-05
Svenska Fotografers Forbund
Official website of Swedish Photographers Society.
1268 07-Jan-06 23-Dec-05
Sanders, Robin
A photographer for over 30 years, I now specialize in portraits taken in people's own homes as it provides new photographic challenges and allows the subject to relax and enjoy the sitting.
1817 11-Jun-08 23-Dec-05
Photoblog about underwater plants and creatures.
953 06-Mar-06 13-Feb-06
Photoshop tutorial search engine.Most tutorials are complete with step by step instructions that should give you the knowledge to create some great images.
1237 19-Jul-06 15-Feb-06
Carmichael, John
Celebrate the beauty of your body with a nude or semi-nude portrait.
19547 30-Mar-10 25-Dec-05
In Valgrande
Images from Valgrande Italian National Park, the largest wilderness area in the Alps.
1058 28-Dec-05 27-Dec-05
Sozzi, Andrea
An exhibition of black and white photos taken and hand-printed by Andrea Sozzi. This is a trip around the world, a view of streets and people, eyes and steps; the life taken from a train and behind a corner.
1145 02-Apr-07 15-Mar-06
Digital photography tips and lessons.
3863 30-Dec-05 29-Dec-05
van Dyke, Scott
Architectural and interior photographer in Southern California, USA.
1094 17-Oct-07 09-Jan-06
International Association of Architectural Photographers
The IAAP is the internationally trusted resource for professional architectural photographers. Fast IAAP photographer directorys with portfolios to assist in locating professional architectural photographers around the globe.
1383 17-Oct-07 30-Dec-05
Association of Independent Architectural Photographers
The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers is the trusted source for qualified architectural photographers. Use the AIAP Find A Photographer Directory to find a great architectural photographer. Photographers can join online.
1939 23-Oct-08 30-Dec-05
Harnan, Martin
Official website of fine art and erotic nudes of photographer Martin Harnan.
2959 10-Jan-06 31-Dec-05
Didier, Stephany
Classy, elegant portraits for a lifetime! Stephanie Didier lives in the Kansas City area. She is a member of a prestigious photography organization, the Kansas Professional Photographers of America, in which she is a junior board member.
1184 27-Jan-06 12-Jan-06
Collection of articles about digital photography.
1872 23-Jul-07 01-Jan-06
EDI Photography
EDI provides digital and film photography for corporations, fashion agencies and news agencies.
1056 10-Jan-06 02-Jan-06
Bauman Photography
Behind the scenes of San Diego wedding photographers Jared Bauman and Bronson Pate.
2065 15-Dec-08 11-Feb-06
Creative Photo Designs
Fine art photography and stock image studio featuring images related to architecture, urban environments, roadside attractions and scenic views.
1068 31-Mar-06 15-Mar-06
Photography resources and photographers database in Russia.
2139 12-Jan-06 04-Jan-06
Blum, Sylvie
Sylvie Blum worked over 10 years as a model with international known photographers before she picked up the camera starting her career as a photographer in fine art, fashion, beauty and glamour.
3883 06-Mar-06 14-Feb-06
Online photo sharing and printing, upload software and photo storage.
1484 20-Apr-08 05-Jan-06
Nippon News
Tokyo-based photo and press agency that supplies photo reportages and stock images.
771 07-Mar-06 16-Feb-06
Wagner, Tom
Photographic archives of Tom Wagner.
758 31-Mar-06 14-Mar-06
Lebmor, Ryszard
In this nature photo gallery you can see black and white, color and pictorial digital photography taken by Ryszard Lebmor.
1563 07-Jan-06 05-Jan-06
Hildebrand, Wolfgang
Image library providing photography from different travel-destinations around the world.
1016 13-Jan-06 09-Jan-06
Royalty free image bank.
1239 12-Jan-06 05-Jan-06
Karaferis, Thomas
Site offers free graphic resources - nature landscape wallpapers from Greece.
808 13-Jan-06 06-Jan-06
Schwartz, Barry
Barry Schwartz is a Los Angeles, California, phiotographer, specializes in photographing residential and commercial architecture, built environments and developer projects.
887 14-Jan-06 09-Jan-06
Hill, Douglas
Douglas Hill is an internationaly known photographer providing photo images for the architectural, commercial, fine art and travel industries.
899 16-Jan-06 09-Jan-06
Percival, Thomas
I usually compare my work to completing a jig saw puzzle made of light...
805 16-Jan-06 09-Jan-06
Gutenberg, George
George Gutenberg specializing in high-end residential estate photography as well as commercial projects.
922 20-Jan-06 09-Jan-06
Johnson, Treve
Treve Johnson providing photography and photographic images to advertising agencies, graphic designers, web designers architechts and corporations.
882 20-Jan-06 09-Jan-06
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